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Knit Concern has state-of-the-art machinery for fabric dyeing and finishing. For its intensive experience and expertise , its dyeing process results in a clone-like uniformity in fabric dyeing. It uses fong’s brand machines for high temperature and atmospheric dyeing.

In finishing section, it uses the world’s latest technology TUBE-TEX machines from USA and SANTEX machine from Switzerland. It has both the facilities like open width and tubular finishing. Here, shade of every finished fabric lot is verified with Data Color Brand Color Matching System.

Fabric Dyeing Capacity: 35 Tons/day
Machine List:

Total 108 Nos.
Dyeing machine Fong’s Hong Kong 49 Nos.
Dyeing machine Then China 12 Nos.
Dewatering & Detwisting MC. Santex Switzerland 02 Nos.
Dewatering & Detwisting MC. Bianco Italy 01 Nos.
Slitting Machine Bruckner, Bianco Germany, Italy 04 Nos.
Efficient shrinkage Dryer Fong’s Hong Kong 01 Nos.
Santashrink jumbo Dryer Santex Switzerland 01 Nos.
Dryer-Tube/Open Bruckner Germany 01 Nos.
Dryer Biancalani Italy 02 Nos.
Stenter Bruckner Germany 04 Nos.
Compactor (Tubler) Tube-Tex USA 02 Nos.
Open Width Compactor Tube-Tex USA 01 Nos.
Open Width Compactor Bruckner Germany 02 Nos.
Open Width Compactor Lafer Italy 01 Nos.
Sueding Machine Lafer Italy 02 Nos.
Brushing Machine Gematex Germany 01 Nos.
Heavy Brushing Machine Lafer Italy 01 Nos.
Shearing Machine Xetma Germany 01 Nos.
Singeing Machine Osthoff Germany 01 Nos.
Turning Machine Puji/Hsing Cheng/Daroitex Italy/Taiwan/Thiland 06 Nos.
Back Sewing Machine MTG/MCT Italy 03 Nos.
Steam Setting Machine Dong Nang Korea 02 Nos.
Grey Fabric Check Machine UZU Thailand 02 Nos.
Finish Fabric Check Machine Daroitex/Hsing Cheng Italy/Taiwan 05 Nos.
Inspection Mechine(Fabric) Hsing Cheng Taiwan 01 Nos.