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Excellence in knitting, however, is an inborn aspect of Knit Concern inherited from the family of its Chief Executive, Joynal Abedin Mollah; the Mollah family has been in yarn and knitting business since 1960s.

The knitting facility of Knit Concern is equipped with world’s latest and dependable brand machinery like Mayer & cie, Fukuhara Orizio and Stoll. Intensive online inspections at different stages during and after knitting process are carried out invariably to achieve the desired knitting quality.

It produces numerous varieties of fabrics including Single Jersey, Double jersey,S/J Cotton Elastane, Rib, 1X1 Rib Cotton Elastane, Interlock, all kinds of Drop Rib, all kinds of pipue, Engineering Stripe, Pointal Rib, Plating fabric, Waffle, Crepe, Thermal, Jerseytwill and many more.

Knitting Capacity: 35 Tons/day
List of Machines:

TOTAL 173 Nos.
Single Jersey Tube Fukuhara, Japan 34 Nos.
Single Jersey Lisky, Taiwan 04 Nos.
Single Jersey Open/Slitting Fukuhara, Japan 28 Nos.
Single Jersey Open/Slitting Mayer & Cie ,German 10 Nos.
Single Jersey Open/Slitting Lisky, Taiwan 08 Nos.
Rib / Interlock Fukuhara, Japan 21 Nos.
Rib 8 Lock Fukuhara, Japan 07 Nos.
Interlock Fukuhara, Japan 08 Nos.
Interlock Lisky, Taiwan 01 Nos.
Rib eyelet Jinhar, Taiwan 01 Nos.
Auto Striper (Four Color) S/J Fukuhara, Japan 04 Nos.
Auto Striper (Six Color) S/J Fukuhara, Japan 01 Nos.
Auto Striper (Four Color) Rib/Interlock Fukuhara, Japan 02 Nos.
Fleece 3 Thread Fukuhara, Japan 04 Nos.
Fleece 3 Thread Lisky, Taiwan 12 Nos.
Flat Knit Semi Jacquard Stoll, German 02 Nos.
Flat Knit Computerized Shima Seiki 10 Nos.
Flat Knit Computerized Matsuya, Japan 12 Nos.
Flat Knit Computerized Protti, Italy 04 Nos.