Apparel Division

Apparel Sewing

Having both quantitative and qualitative facilities to ensure tailoring excellence, the sewing floors of Knit Concern Group is capable of producing 150,000 pieces of garments per day. It has 3,700 brand machines of Pegasus, Brother, and Juki with automatic thread cutting, trimming, and sucking devices. It has some other special types of sewing machinery like PICOT, FAGOT, ZIGZAG, FEED-OFF-THE-ARM and ELASTIC INSERTING. To generate perfection, its sewing floors are under constant and continuous surveillance and quality monitoring system.


Apparel Finishing

The finishing sections of Knit Concern Group have 270 sets of Steam Press Irons with Vacuum Tables of NAOMOTO brand from Japan. Other finishing machineries include needle search machines from CINTEX and LOCK from UK as well as Thread Blowing, Stain Removing, Carton Box Striping, Fusing and other necessary equipment and devices.