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Human Resources and Compliance

Today, over 12,500 people are in the payroll of Knit Concern, whereas the number was only 500 in 1992. Knit Concern offers on campus medical facilities round the clock. Certified medics and nurses attend Knit Concern’s people for their necessary medical attentions during working hours. Its medical center is quite capable of attending many emergencies also. To ensure safety commuting, it maintains twelve buses and five microbuses to carry its employees and staff members to and fro.

Knit Concern has a very strong firefighting system. It regularly exercises drills involving all of its workforces to keep them trained so that they can instantly respond to any emergency evacuation situation in a safe manner.

In brief, its work environment encompassing housekeeping, hygiene, safety, security, compensation, benefit, sanitation and Eco-friendly standards etc is maintained in a meticulous way. Recognizing its compliance status, the government has recently awarded Knit Concern as a highly laudable workers’ friendly knit factory in the country.