Lingerie Division

Knit Concern has a specialized production facility to offer world standard brassiere and brassiere-panty sets. Equipped with 330 specialized brand machines, it can produce about 25,000 pieces of these products per day.

Knit Concern is technologically sound and capable of using value added specialized fabrics and accessories for these wears. It produces synthetic fabrics made with micro fibers for these products .For the same purpose it produces Elastane, Lace, Tricot, Charmese, Satinnet, Power and Net etc as well. However, it uses high quality Combed Cotton Yarn and Lucre from Dupont for fabrics made with Cotton and Cotton-Elastane also.

Machine List:

Type Brand Nos. Capacity
Warp kniting Machine Tricot, Karl Mayer Germany 04 3080 Meter
Warp kniting Machine Raschel, Karil Mayer Germany 01 550 Meter
Narrow Machine Crochet Italy 02 2000 Meter
Narrow Machine Neelellom Italy 02 2000 Meter
Narrow Machine Jequard Italy 02 1600 Meter