Skill Development Centre

The Knit Concern Group RTO (Register Training Organization) demonstrates that with a production-based training focus, an initiative can effectively increase employee ability and drive higher incomes for the poor people. The KCG RTO will also deliver training and certification for workers. Consistent with employment in the industry, the maximum of beneficiaries will be women and there is a target of 5% for people with disabilities. 

As a model, the Centre will demonstrate a sustainable, self-funded approach to coordinating training to new comers within the framework of National Technical & Vocational Qualifications Framework (NTVQF).

KCG RTO has:
1. Established an RTO that facilitates enhanced employee engagement in training
2. Increased skill, efficiency, capacities of fresh workers
3. Increased the use of assessment and certification in the KCL RTO and use PPE (Personal Protect equipment’s)
4. Improved access to disadvantaged groups and the working poor to training and higher incomes
5. Producing skill more than 120 workers and filled up production skill gap

This would act as the agency for not only skills development but also research & planning of the Ready Made Garment Sector for future direction.