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Yarn Dyeing

Knit Concern Group pays an utmost attention to raise and maintain its quality yarn dyeing standard. Its dyeing experts and organized professional team have raised the yarn dyeing level virtually to the zero deviation level according to the standards of the buyers.

Under closely controlled conditions, Knit Concern Group repeatedly obtains yarn samples to test them through selected dye baths to compare their dyeability variables. And thus, by way of analytical method, it proceeds to subsequent dyeing conforming to the best test results for the desired accuracy. Depending on the situations, however, samples are then placed through further critical secondary and tertiary stages also.

It uses yarns from a single lot from a selected yarn manufacturer, and from a given production run. It maintains careful control of yarn inventory also. As further, it uses several other process control tools to achieve the desired yarn dyeing perfection level of quality.

For yarn dyeing process,Knit Concern Group uses state-of-the-art machinery of SSM Brand from Switzerland, FADIS and DETTIN from Italy, and STRAYFIELD from England.

Yarn Dyeing Capacity: 25 Tons/day
Machine List:

TOTAL 90 Nos.
Yarn Dyeing M/C Fongs, China 48 Nos.
Yarn Printing M/C Laip, Italy 01 Nos.
Soft Winding M/C Fadis, Italy 02 Nos.
Soft Winding M/C SSM, Switzerland 13 Nos.
Hard Winding M/C Fadis, Italy 02 Nos.
Hard Winding M/C SSM, Switzerland 10 Nos.
Swistins M/C Savio, Switzerland 02 Nos.
Doubler M/C Savio, Switzerland 01 Nos.
Hydro Dettin, Italy 04 Nos.
Dryer Stryfield, England 02 Nos.
Dryer Stalam, Italy 02 Nos.
Sewing Thread SSM (Hacoba), Switzerland 02 Nos.
Auto Dosing Lawer, Italy 01 Nos.

Modern Space Dyeing / Yarn Printing

Space dyeing /yarn printing is a technique used to create lovely fabrics after multicolor effect, which isdone one color to another depending on number multicolor. This is the beauty of modern yarn space dyeing, which gives multicolor effect on fabric. Space dyed yarn is sometimes refer to dip dyed yarn. It also gives the color mélange effect on the fabric.

Engr. Khaled Masud Ahmed Khan
Director (Yarn Dyeing)
Mob: 01713-482561

Md. Masudur Rahman
Sr. Manager Marketing (Yarn Dyeing)
Mob: 01923-614120

Md.Sakib Talukder
Sr.Marketing Officer (Yarn Dyeing)
Mob: 01771-949922