Information Technology

To keep Knit Concern’s MIS functioning superbly, its IT department runs three wings.

Software Development Section develops software as per the group’s requirements. It uses Order Status, Multi-user SQL Server 2005-based software for garment production and process monitoring. Advanced Production Plan and Knit Status for knitting department, Fabric Status for Dyeing Department, as well as YD Status , On Time (Attendance) with Payroll and Digital FA and the like are some of the major integrated kinds of software which Knit Concern’s IT Department has written successfully and been using very effectively and efficiently.

The Hardware Section assembles, installs and maintains computer machines. It maintains a fast Earth-net Local Area Network of 1gbps speed, which connects around 400 clients’ PCs with seven servers.

The Instant System Support team supports the computer and IT systems in all sections to meet their special needs and requirements.

It is, however, needless to mention that knit Concern is accessible round the clock through high speed Broadband Connectivity.